We need your help!
Our dream is to build a sustainable, suburban farmstead (farm/homestead) based on permaculture and other holistic principles ...exploring and demonstrating methods to heal humans through participation in activities focused on healing our ecosystem. Our plan includes cultivating plants for food and raising animals to be co-laborers. From this, we intend to provide education services and animal-assisted therapy for children and adults recovering from trauma and developmental-based issues.

We need your help to get this project off of the ground. We need your help to keep this place that we have come to call home in the immediate term.

We are currently making our rent payments, but due to unforeseen issues over the past couple of years, we have fallen behind. The immediate need is to raise $5,000 by July 15, 2022 so we do not lose our home. I am working 90-100 hour weeks (outlined below) and have already made up ~$3,000 of past due rent, but our current projections still have us $5,000 short for our July 15th deadline.

Current sources of income and allocated time:
  • 40+ hrs per week - Day job in information technology
  • 40+ hrs per week - Doordash delivery nights and weekends
  • 10-20 hrs per week - Selling on Amazon (FBA), Low Content Books (KDP), and other independent income (see SecuritysmithRPC.com)

    The critical path to launching the Smiths' Meadow Project:
  • Past due rent to retain our current, 2.5-acre property: $5,000 (due 7/15/2022)
  • Convert lease to purchase
  • Fencing and other infrastructure
  • Revenue streams to support the project (produce and value-added food product sales)
  • Animals as co-laborers and therapy assistants (goats, miniature donkeys, etc)
  • Education and therapy partner development